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I’ve always been enthusiastic about great writing, and couldn’t be happier to have turned my passion into reality. With digital and online technologies continuing to disrupt the print industry, it's important to provide an accessible place where I can connect with a wider audience. Here you will find samplings of my work, ranging from published stories to more personal pieces, which I invite you to explore and enjoy below.

Writer. Author. Family Historian. Storyteller.


I am a Canadian author who was born and raised in Southern Ontario. My love of reading dates back to my early childhood when reading books and listening to stories told by family members was encouraged and something I found to be great fun.
When I was in the 3rd grade, I would often have to convince the school librarian to allow me to borrow and read books that were assigned to much higher grade levels.
Through my love of reading, I soon discovered new worlds full of interesting characters and adventures that were brought to life in the theater of my mind. I found stories involving mysteries, ghosts and exotic destinations, whether real or imagined, of special interest.
Some of my favorite authors include: H.G. Wells, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Charles Dickens, Jules Vern and many others. As well as developing a fondness for fiction, I also developed a great interest in history and would often spend hours reading about historic people, places and events.
After the death of my maternal Grandmother in 2002, I started to develop an interest in my own family history. Since that time, I have spent almost 20-years researching both sides of my family, making many interesting discoveries along the way.
My paternal family tree reads like a 'Who's-who' of English, Canadian and American history and includes numerous members of English nobility, political figures, war heroes, inventors, writers, religious figures, business leaders and celebrities. I have spent many years documenting some of the more notable family members on my website:
My family and ancestry research has also helped to inspire my first two novels, Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor and Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood.
By combining my working knowledge of DNA research, history and fictional characters, I have created what I hope to be believable fictional stories that put a new twist on traditional story telling.


I often find inspiration for my stories from my many famous and not-so-famous family members. While all of the Bloodline Series stories are pure fiction,  I strive to make the stories, and the characters, seem very real.

To view some of my fascinating relatives, visit my personal family history website at:





Alex Tinsdill never thought that a simple DNA test would lead to a $250 million inheritance and Cove Point Manor, a massive estate built during the Gilded Age on the Gold Coast of Long Island, New York.
Alex's inheritance doesn't come without a cost, however, as two greedy relatives soon show up, determined to separate Alex from his new found riches. When the relatives arrive, the spirit of the former owner of Cove Point Manor, who died under mysterious circumstances almost 100 years earlier, awakens. 
Cove Point Manor has a dark past, and a sinister secret which is about to be revealed!
Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor is a fast-paced read that mixes the supernatural with just the right amount of dark humor.



MAY, 2017

Newlyweds Alex and Maggie travel to England and uncover a DNA match involving one of Britain's greatest noble families. At stake is a noble title and a vast family fortune...a fortune the family will not hand over without a fight - to the death if necessary! While investigating the DNA match, Alex and Maggie uncover a century old murder mystery and a dark side of this noblest of English families. Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood is a fast-paced mystery involving murder and intrigue like never before. The story will grip the reader and not let go until the very last page!



The most exciting Bloodlines story yet finds Alex and Maggie up against the evil spirit of Brenda Sonwil. Brenda, who brought misery and chaos in life, is hell-bent on the destruction of everyone who wronged her, and Alex and Maggie are near the top of her list! Brenda's real-life antics pale in comparison to what she is capable of in the spirit world. Will anyone survive Brenda's demonic wrath?

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