• William B. Taylor

Cove Point Manor Audiobook

My first novel, Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor, has been fully narrated and will be released as my first audiobook shortly. The narrator, Bill Nevitt, is a talented voice professional who was a pleasure to work with.

The process of creating an audiobook has been an interesting one, and was yet another chance to learn more about the self-publishing process. The entire process was made easier by working with a professional like Bill as well as the excellent online production tools offered by ACX.

Despite some delays in finishing the narration, the final product is, in my humble opinion, quite good and brings a new dimension to my story. The final narration is currently in post production and should be available for sale within the first few days of March as ACX conducts their final quality assurance reviews.

The final product is 7 hours and 2 minutes of story telling, more than long enough to entertain listeners during their commute or workday, or just when they are relaxing at home. Sales of audiobooks have been steadily increasing in the global market and now contribute over $2 billion in sales. Growth of audiobook sales has been reported at up to 30% in year over year sales.

While not inexpensive, audiobooks provide listeners with the opportunity to enjoy stories which they may otherwise not have had. Listeners who have vision problems, or simply too little time to sit and read a full novel now have the ability to enjoy an audiobook on their smartphone or other device.

I am excited to be entering this marketplace and making my stories available to even more consumers. I am hoping to have my other 2 novels converted to audiobooks in the near future, making all 3 novels available in e-book, paperback and audio formats.


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