• William B. Taylor

The Audiobook is DONE!

After a lot of hard work by Bill Nevitt, the narrator for my first audiobook, Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor, the book is finished and now available for sale on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Although I am the author of the original book, I downloaded a copy of the audiobok and listened to the first 3 chapters tonight on my hour's commute home. I was impressed!

Bill has brought the story to life with his narration, and hearing him tell the story had me wanting to listen to the whole thing to see what happens! Tonight though, traffic was tolerable, so I was only able to hear the first hour of the 7 hour story through my car's stereo.

It may sound odd, having the author want to hear the story to see what happens, but listening to the book being narrated is completely different from writing the story, or reading it. I haven't listened to an audiobook in years, but I have to say I was enjoying it.

Go to Amazon, Audible or iTunes and listen to the preview narration of the book. If you prefer, you can also listen to a trailer of the story at:

My experience working with Bill in creating this audiobook was nothing but positive, and now that the finished product is done, it was well worth the time and effort. I hope to be able to do the same with my other 2 novels, and then with my upcoming 4th novel, Bloodlines: Dynasty.

It's nice to be able to lose yourself in a good story, whether it is one you are reading, hearing or watching, and I hope everyone enjoys the Bloodlines Series.


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