• William B. Taylor

September Ramblings

Students are back in school and it seems that everyone is quickly forgetting the lazy days of summer. Even some of the trees here in Southern Ontario have started to put on their fall colors, and the nights are growing cooler and longer.

I happen to like autumn, and even though I know that there are many cold, dark and long nights ahead, I look forward to the next few weeks of warm days, fall colors and the smell of the forest as it prepares for the long winter ahead. Soon it will be time to turn off the air conditioner and turn on the fireplace. It will be the perfect time for me to write and to stay inside and do some reading.

My third novel, Bloodlines: Brenda's Revenge, soon goes into production to become my third audiobook. For this final book in the Bloodlines trilogy (at least it is the final book thus far!), I have hired veteran Hollywood actor Steve Carlson. Steve has a long list of television, movie and voice acting roles under his belt, and I am quite anxious to see how he brings "Brenda's Revenge" to life.

Once this latest audiobook is completed and launched, I hope to turn my attention back to writing another novel. I currently have two projects underway, with one being a prequel to Cove Point Manor, and the other a horror short-story. I also have more than a few other ideas running around inside my head begging to be put into words. Hopefully I can find both the time and motivation to get these projects completed between now and Spring, but we will see what happens.

In the meantime, get out and enjoy the warm, sunny days and cool nights...soon the northern hemisphere will be gripped with the icy chill of winter, and a whole new world of wonder will be upon us.


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