• William B. Taylor

Brenda's Revenge on Audio

It has been awhile since my last post, and in that time I have been busy working with the talented Steve Carlson, veteran Hollywood actor & narrator. To be honest, Steve is doing all the work...although I did write the story that he is narrating.

Brenda's Revenge is the last of my published books to be turned into an audiobook. It has taken so long because I wanted just the right narrator to tackle this project, and I think that my patience is going to pay off. We are now finished with 16 of the 22 chapters, and Steve is doing an excellent job in bringing the story to life.

Listening to Brenda's Revenge has also prompted me to start a new story in the Bloodlines series. While still in rough draft, this new story takes Alex and Maggie, and some of the other characters from previous stories, to South Carolina where they help right an old wrong dating back to the Antebellum period. As time and my mood permits, I will be working on this new story and hope that it will keep the tradition of mystery, supernatural happenings and, of course, some dark humor alive as the Bloodlines series continues.

If all continues to go well, Bloodlines: Brenda's Revenge will be available on, or shortly after, October 31st. Could there be a more perfect time for a ghost story?


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