• William B. Taylor

Debuting At #1 in the USA!

Bloodlines: Brenda's Revenge is now officially on sale through Audible, Amazon and i-Tunes. Better yet, for the past 24 hours, Brenda's Revenge was sitting at #1 in the New Releases for Horror!

This is the first time that I've had a book hit #1, and to tell the truth, it feels pretty darned good! Credit must go to my narrator, the talented Hollywood veteran, Steve Carlson. Steve has done an excellent job not only in setting the scene for this spooky tale of the afterlife, but he has really put a lot of effort into bringing the characters to life.

The audiobook is a little over 9.5 hours in length, and every minute is action packed, with a sprinkle of dark humor added in for good measure. Although I wrote the story, being able to listen to such a talented narrator tell me the tale is an incredible experience, and very enjoyable.

Now, if only someone in Hollywood would bring the characters to life on the big or little screen for even more people to enjoy....

If you haven't listened to Steve's rendition of the Bloodlines gang, go to Audible or Amazon today and listen to the'll be hooked!


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