• William B. Taylor

Doing My Part

During these unprecedented times, I believe it is everyone's duty to do whatever we can to help one another. With non-stop coverage on the news, the social distancing and isolation that everyone is being subjected to, I have decided to do what I can to help ease some of the tension.

As an indie author, my books are self-published and sold through Amazon in ebook, paperback and audiobook format. I have lowered my ebook prices to $0.99 (USD) and have lowered my paperback prices as much as possible so that they are now more affordable than ever before. Unfortunately I have no control over the audiobook prices (these are set by Audible) so those books will stay at their regular prices unless Audible decides to lower them.

Artists from around the globe, both independent and those who are well known and represented, are doing their part to help take people's minds off all the negative news that surrounds us. Hopefully my stories will do the same, and provide some brief respite and maybe even make some readers smile.

Stay safe, and continue to do your part to help slow the spread of Covid-19. We will beat this thing and soon our lives will return to normal.


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