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New Website

After enduring months of dissatisfaction with my previous website, as well as the poor performance of the web hosting service, I have finally made an upgrade. At least I hope it is an upgrade!

True to form, the previous web page provider has managed to lose all of my previous posts and information. Rather than become upset with the loss, I've decided to take the opportunity to apply what I have learned and have my site redone. My new site should be easier to navigate and more informative than before.

So this is my new website and my first blog post. Over the coming weeks and months, I plan to populate this site with information about my thoughts, inspirations and comments about various topics, author related and otherwise.

While I will continue to post about my existing and upcoming novels, the intent of this site is to inform, not to sell. I don't believe you can "sell" someone a book, but I believe that I can inform a potential reader about my stories as well as about me, the author.

Thank you to everyone who has been following my blog posts and I appreciate your patience during this period of transition.

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