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An Excerpt From Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor

Here is a little teaser from Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor

Connie may not have been overly bright, but she knew who Tiffany was, and she knew that their products were expensive, and antique Tiffany products were very expensive.

Connie made a mental note of the candlesticks and would tell her mother about them later as she put the candlestick back on the mantle.

Looking into the mirror one more time before leaving, Connie thought she saw another face in the mirror…and this time it wasn’t her face, it was the face of an old woman. The old woman looked angry. Connie screamed again, this time loud and long as she looked at the face that had appeared over hers in the mirror.

Upstairs, Brenda heard Connie’s screams and sat bolt upright in bed. Connie screamed again.

“What the hell is going on?” Brenda said aloud, getting herself out of the bed.

She went out into the hallway and looked around. Connie screamed for a third time and Brenda realized that she must be downstairs.

“Connie?” Brenda bellowed as she headed down the hallway towards the stairs. “Where are you?”

Brenda rushed as quickly as she could down the stairs, holding the railing as she went.

“Mom?” Connie yelled out; “I’m in here!”

Brenda stopped just as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Where the hell is here?” Brenda said angrily. “Connie? Where are you?!”.

“I’m in the living room.” Connie answered, still sounding frantic.

Brenda looked around, wondering where the living room was.

“I’m in here!” Connie yelled out.

Brenda headed towards Connie’s voice and found the living room. As she rushed in, she saw Connie staring at the mirror, looking like she had seen a ghost.

“What the hell is going on?” Brenda demanded. “What are you screaming about.”

Connie pointed at the mirror, not looking directly at it. Brenda looked, but all she saw was a reflection of her daughter, pointing at the mirror and her own reflection looking back.

Brenda was suddenly filled with rage. She hated being woke up with a start, and when combined with being tired, she found herself angry.

“What the hell are you pointing at? Brenda demanded; “And why are you covering your eyes?”

Connie just continued to point, not looking in the mirror.

“I asked you what you are doing” Brenda started; “screaming like a damned fool and pointing at a mirror.”

“There’s a woman’s face in there.” Connie said, still not looking at the mirror.

Suddenly Connie felt a whack on the back of her head.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed; “Why did you hit me?”

“Of course there’s a woman’s face in there you fool!” Brenda answered; “It’s your stupid face!”

Connie finally looked at the mirror. She saw her own reflection looking back, and the reflection of her mother, and her mother’s face was angry.

“Th-th-there was someone else in the mirror…” Connie stuttered, trying to explain. “an old woman, and she was angry!”

“There is an old woman in there…” Brenda said in a nasty tone; “and she IS mad, and that woman is ME!”.

Brenda gave Connie’s head another smack.

“Ow!” Connie said, grabbing her head.

“You’re an idiot.” Brenda said, glaring at her daughter. “Just like your father. What are you doing down here anyhow?”

Connie tried to explain that she couldn’t nap and wanted to check out the house. Brenda dismissed her, called her an idiot one last time for good measure, then started out of the room.

As Brenda left the living room, Connie suddenly realized she was again alone in the room and quickly bolted after her mother, almost running into her.

“For Christ’s sake Connie!” Brenda hissed; “Act your age and stop being so stupid!”

As the two women headed back upstairs, the old lady’s face reappeared in the mirror. The face of the woman was angry…very angry.

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