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Bloodlines: Brenda's Revenge

Despite still having a bit of jet-lag from my trip to Asia last week, I have managed to finish chapters 10 and 11 of my upcoming book, Bloodlines: Brenda’s Revenge.

Writing this book has been an interesting experience and while it has taken me the better part of 6 months to reach this point, the story is coming along nicely. I had some concerns about reintroducing the characters of Brenda and Connie Sonwil from book #1 (Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor), but now I can see that bringing them back fits nicely with the series. I am also having a great deal of fun working with these two robust characters, which I hope will translate to an entertaining story for my readers.

I still hope to have the book finished by December 21st and available online by then, but only time will tell. December 21st is the deadline I have set for myself to finish this book, but I will not compromise the storyline in order to meet a deadline. I just hope that you, my readers, will find the wait to have been worthwhile.

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