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News From "Bloodlines"

My latest novel, "Bloodlines: Brenda's Revenge" has now been published and available on Amazon for a month. I am happy to report that sales are coming in, the Kindle Unlimited members are downloading the e-book in healthy numbers, and the reviews have been very positive.

The progress of my first audiobook, "Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor" is continuing despite my narrator battling this rather virulent flu that is moving through North America. The launch date of the audiobook is still scheduled for this month, but the health of my narrator comes first. If the book is delayed, it will be delayed; it will be worth the wait though, as Bill is bringing a new depth to the story.

Now that "Brenda's Revenge" is out and selling, I have decided to write the next book in the Bloodlines Series: "Legacy". This new book will be a prequel to the first three books and will tell the story of the Farnsworth family, and their Gilded Age triumphs and tragedies.

"Bloodlines: Legacy" is a journey that I am excited to embark on, and I will keep my readers updated as the story progresses.

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