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Self Publishing & Self Doubt

Indie authors go to great lengths to ensure that what they publish is written, formatted and grammatically sound. Still, mistakes get through, and when an error is found by the author, or by a reader, it can cast doubts on the author's abilities. Self doubts.

When self doubt starts to creep in, it can paralyze the creative side of a writer, bringing their projects to a standstill. Self doubt is not unique to authors, and this inner voice saying "You're not good enough!" lives inside each of us, to one degree or another. You don't have to be an author, actor, musician or anyone in a creative field to have self doubt pay you an unwanted visit every now and then; it happens to everyone.

One of the wonderful things about self publishing is that it gives a voice to authors that would otherwise probably go unheard. Traditional publishing, until recently, had the final say in what the reading public had access to, and that usually meant authors who would be able to make a profit for the publisher. Just imagine how many wonderful and unique stories have been written over the years that went unread!

With self publishing, indie authors now have a way to get their work out to the reading public. Our work may not always be perfect, but I can pretty well guarantee that it has been done with a passion to tell a wonderful story. A lot of readers accept the fact that our work may not be as seemingly perfect as those coming from large, traditional publishing houses (although don't kid yourself - even traditionally published works can contain errors!), and this is reflected in the sales figures of indie author's works.

If you are truly passionate about your craft, don't let self doubt stop you from chasing your dreams. You may not always end up where you wanted to go, but at least you will continue to move forward and make new discoveries about yourself and the world around you.

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