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Writing & Making Dreams Come True

This week I was shocked to find out that one of my "bucket list" dreams actually happened: my novel Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor was on the same best sellers list as my favorite author, Stephen King. Not only was my book on the same list, but it was ahead of 2 of his best novels, The Stand and Carrie (also favorites of mine).

To add to this accomplishment, another author I like, Anne Rice, had one of her books 2 places ahead of mine. This all happened on Amazon China and was for my paperback version which adds even more authenticity to the accomplishment (at least to me!).

When I discovered that my paperback was on the Amazon China best sellers list for horror, it was quite by accident as I didn't even know it was available in China in the English language version. I also didn't even notice that Stephen King and Anne Rice were on the same list until a colleague pointed it out. I think I was in shock just finding my English language paperback was even on a top 100 list, let alone in China.

I have read Stephen King's books for years, and have no issue with admitting that I like the way he writes. I have a large personal collection of his books, and even a few first editions that I treasure. I had always hoped to one day be able to write a novel that would appear on a best sellers list, but I did not really expect it to happen, at least this quickly.

What does all this mean? To me, being on a best sellers list anywhere in the world means that my writing is being enjoyed by people. Although the ranking is not high (I discovered my book's ranking when it was at #82), and will most likely drop over time, it still gives me a real sense of accomplishment and validation.

My first novel was published when I was 50, which many people may think is a bit old to try something new. I say balls to that, and as long as you want to do something, you are never to old to chase your dreams. I would rather fail at trying something that is important to me than to wake up one day facing regrets that I did not even make an attempt to do what I wanted.

The fear of failing should never be so strong as to keep you from trying. Not everyone will achieve their goals in life, but those that never at least try are guaranteed to fail 100% of the time!

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