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Fiberead Update

My regular readers will know that I have 2 of my 3 novels published in China, in e-book format. Both books have been available for sale through several websites, most notably with Amazon China. The translation and publishing company I worked with to have the translations done was Fiberead. You can read more about how Fiberead works in my earlier blog posts.

My first novel was published back in April, and the second novel was published in May. Since my first novel was published, I have visited China twice for business, and have seen a large number of people that had copies of at least the first book (I have been working in China for the past 21 years as part of my 'regular' job). However, until today, I have had zero information supplied by Fiberead about sales that have been registered.

The lack of sales information has been a point of annoyance for me for the past month or so. Fiberead delays sales reports by 2 months, according to their staff, yet my sales reports have been delayed by 4 months. This is annoying to me for a number of reasons, not the least of which is to know how well, or how poorly, my books are selling. Contacting Fiberead's support for information has been less than helpful, and they seem to have stock answers and do not appear to put much, if any, effort in finding and providing information to the author.

The one good thing is that with Amazon China, like Amazon in other parts of the world, there is a ranking system which will at least provide a hint of a book's sales performance (if the ranking goes up, you are making sales). However, unlike with Amazon in North America or Europe, you are unable to receive a full sales report (at least I cannot obtain this information).

My first sales report from Fiberead, which appeared on my account page (I never did receive an actual response from my Fiberead representative), at least indicates some sales have taken place. Based on the amount of income, I would guess that the sales were all made prior to the books being published on Amazon. The Amazon sales have yet to be reported, and if it takes 4 months for those sales to appear, I won't have any information until November or December. Not great, but at least now some sales information is finally coming through.

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