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Goodbye Amazon!

After months of struggling with the idea of leaving my exclusive arrangement with Amazon, I have finally decided to cut ties with the online giant. A number of changes made to how print books are published and sold, along with numerous reporting issues have left me with no choice.

Effective immediately my books are no longer being offered for sale on Amazon in the English language. I am currently seeking new ways to bring my stories to the marketplace including traditional publishing.

Unfortunately for readers, I am not alone in my decision to leave the industry giant and seek out other routes to my readers. This was not an easy decision to make, and I appreciate the support of my readers and all of the knowledge I have gained by self-publishing, but the rewards are no longer worth the effort. The lack of transparency with the actual sales and page reads of my books is simply something which I can no longer tolerate.

I am presently reviewing a number of ways in which I can bring both my electronic and print books to my readers and hope to have this issue settled in the near future. In the meantime I will continue to make my books available directly to customers through this website.

My current work in progress started out as a short story which is now quickly growing into a full novel. This new book breaks from the Bloodlines Series, but will still contain the elements of humor,and the supernatural which you enjoy. I will also be introducing several new characters that I am certain that my readers will like!

Please check back for updates and once again, thank you for your loyal support!

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