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I'm Going Wide!

No, I am not talking about my waistline, although that could use some trimming too! I am talking about leaving Amazon's Kindle Select program and their exclusivity contract.

With Amazon an author has the option to enroll in their KDP Select program where the author is paid for each page read by Amazon Kindle Unlimited members. The per page payment is paltry (around $0.0045 per page), and the exclusivity that you are forced to give to Amazon means that you are not able to sell your book in electronic format anywhere else.

At one time the KDP Select program provided decent monthly income for me, but lately the returns are simply not worthwhile. In reading the author discussion boards, I am not alone in this opinion and there are lots of questions regarding the accuracy of the actual reports. At the moment there are known reporting problems with paperback sales, and for me personally, it has been a 3 month struggle to try and get this issue sorted (to no avail at the time of this posting). Amazon may be the big fish in the online book selling game, but the returns with them are not worth locking myself out of the rest of the market.

I have begun to pull my books from Amazon's KDP Select program as the exclusivity contracts expire. Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood, was the first book removed from this program and is now available in e-book format at other online retailers. Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor will be the next to come out of KDP Select, and then finally Brenda's Revenge. I have also removed all of my print books from Amazon due to my on-going dispute with Amazon and the lack of resolution with receiving payment for known - and proven - sales. If they are not paying me for the sales of my book, why on earth would I continue to allow them to sell them???

This is both an unfortunate and frustrating issue for me as well as lots of other indie authors. When Amazon shut down Create Space, printing and selling paperback books became a nightmare. When Create Space was still active, there were minor issues from time to time, but their reporting and payments for sales were never an issue. Amazon has had 6 months to fix this issue, but it still remains unresolved, or at least it does for me.

I am currently reviewing options for offering paperback books again, and hopefully I will have this problem solved shortly. In the meantime you will be able to purchase my novels in e-book format at most major online retailers, including Amazon, but access to the e-books as part of your Kindle Unlimited membership will soon disappear.

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