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Spring: A Time For New Growth

Spring is now just around the corner, and the non-stop snow, ice and cold here in Southern Ontario seems to have least for now!

After a long winter season, I am looking forward to warmer, sunnier days and being able to get outside more frequently without getting covered in salt and snow. Until then though, I will spend my time working on a couple of new projects.

I am still keeping "Bloodlines: Dynasty" on the back burner for the time being, but the characters and story are constantly talking to me so eventually they will force me to tell their story.

My attempt at a short story has also gone on longer than I had hoped, but the story has taken on a life of its own and is rapidly becoming a novella, and possibly even a novel.

I have also been busy moving my e-books and print books away from Amazon, at least from an exclusivity standpoint. As I have lamented in previous posts, Amazon has a real mess on the go with reporting and a lot of people, myself included, are not happy with the lack of resolution. I have started pulling my e-books out of Amazon's exclusive KDP program (page reads vanished, or at least they were not being reported so I lose nothing) and have unpublished the print books with Amazon as well. I, along with hundreds of other authors, have been less than impressed since Amazon closed CreateSpace and forced everyone over to KDP Print. The reporting of sales have been slow to say the least, and receiving payment has become a huge hassle. Even when I have sent Amazon lists of order numbers and proof of payment and delivery, I was unable to receive a reasonable response. If they could not confirm sales that I had proof were made, then how many other sales that I don't know about go unreported?

I now have "Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor" being printed with IngramSpark and sales have shot back up to normal. More importantly, the sales are being recorded and reported to me. As a side benefit, the IngramSpark program allows for the paperback books to be listed at significantly lower prices. My 2nd novel, "Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood" is just going through the final print process and will also be available soon.

I have also moved the e-book version of "Of Noble Blood" over to SmashWords now that it is out of the exclusive KDP Select program. "Cove Point Manor" will be coming out of Select this week and will also be moved over to SmashWords.

Using both IngramSpark and SmashWords is not as easy as Create Space and KDP was, but the extra costs and efforts to list with these other companies should be off-set by actually getting paid for my work. Maybe one day Amazon will get their act together and return to how they were operating a year ago, but in the meantime I refuse to stay exclusive with them. My books will remain available through Amazon as the e-books will remain online (just not in KDP Select), and IngramSpark makes the paperback available through Amazon but also through major online and in store retailers.

Time will tell if I have made the correct choice, but so far I am happy with the results.

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