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Indie Promotions

Writing a book is the easy part - getting your book noticed by your target audience however, is difficult!

I've seen the same complaint over and over again on message boards, and after being in the market now for a little over 3.5 years, I have to agree. Without a marketing team from a traditional publishing house behind you, marketing your work can be a daunting task.

It can also be fun and, in the process, unveil some hidden talents that you didn't know that you had.

A lot of indie authors try the usual marketing routes - keywords on Amazon, pay-per-click ads, blog writing, twitter advertising and Facebook advertising. All are excellent ways to start getting your name - and your work, out "there" in front of potential readers. It can also be very expensive and, unless you sell thousands of books, your return on investment can be dismal.

I've tried all of these advertising methods and some have worked, but most have only relieved my bank account of cash with little to show for it. It was time for me to start thinking outside of the box.

I began following some favorite celebrities on Twitter and Facebook. In the process, I have learned more about my favorite celebs and even discovered that some of them actually manage their own feeds and interact with their fans. Bonus! However, I have also discovered that when some celebs have interacted with my posts, I saw an uptick in book sales. Now I cannot directly correlate the celebrity attention to the increased sales, but if it is not, it is an odd coincidence (and I don't believe in coincidences).

I also began looking for new ways to advertise my books. One of the coolest things I have found is a website called which allows you to create your own videos. It is a relatively simple process - you find a suitable stock video, add your own advertising phrases and music, download the finished result and then post it anywhere that it can garner some attention.

All in all, the process was fun (at least to me) and in only 2 weeks I have managed to create 4 very different advertising videos. I have placed these videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Redditt and Pinterest. As of this morning, my videos have been viewed almost 3,000 times - not bad for a $96.00 investment.

Only time will tell if my videos will attract buyers, but it can never hurt to get your name, and the names of your books, in front of a potential audience. I still maintain some of my more traditional advertising methods with Facebook, Amazon and BookBub, but I am mixing things up a bit by adding my videos to my marketing plan.

I will update everyone on the results in a few months once my ads have been in front of my target audience for awhile.

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